DM Orthotics is renowned across the world as an innovator. We aspire to maintain consistently high standards and are always looking ahead to see what advances can be made for our future. It is our goal to continually find innovative and pioneering developments which will ultimately benefit those people we endeavour to help.

The very essence of DM Orthotics started with a single vision to create invaluable solutions to difficult problems and empower those who live with them. The answers are always are out there, it is just up to us to seek them out.

This is why research and development is fundamental to everything we do. Whether it is investigating new revelations in materials or looking at new models to improve efficiency in service, it is important for us to explore every avenue and every eventuality to ensure the best possible result.

We look in all directions, taking the best technological attributes from the past and present, as well as looking to what is being developed for the future, continually writing a creative and inspiring narrative for ourselves and translating it to those we wish to help.

Research is at the heart of any successful project. If something is researched correctly then there should be no flaws in the end result.

Martin Matthews - Managing Director

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