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Jakov’s Superhero Suit

A visit from Croatia for first Scoliosis, ‘Superhero!’ Suit

Jacov outside DM Orthotics with Pam Cowans and um

Jakov was four when he first visited DM Orthotics in Redruth, UK.  He has Scoliosis a condition where the spine twists and curves to the side caused by hypotonia the medical term for decreased muscle tone.  This can often lead to a child feeling limp to hold, being clumsy or falling frequently.

Before visiting DM Orthotics Jakov used a rigid orthosis that prevented him from moving and increased hypotension (low blood pressure) and passivity.  He now has a DMO® Custom Structural Scoliosis Suit which he wears 13 hours a day. The suit improves his posture and mobility.

When Jakov originally visited DM Orthotics Pam Cowans, Export Manager and Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, met him and his mother and guided them through the assessment and prescription process.  She said,

Jakov has a very large cobb angle to his spine but isn’t able to have surgery.

“We discussed what he needed at length, measured him and then our team got to work with their sewing machines. Three days later the suit was ready – made specially in the same colours as Spiderman’s, because that’s Jakov’s favourite superhero.

We were able to make adjustments, there and then, for a perfect fit and there was an immediate difference in spinal position and posture.  Wearing the suit for at least 13 hours a day will help Jakov’s spine grow in a better position. 

The great thing was he forgot all about it straight away.  Being more interested in his lollipop and the video he was watching on his mum’s phone. That’s exactly what we want. Wearing the suit should feel as normal as having a second skin.”


DMO® Custom Suit before and after picture

Jakov’s mother Vedrana said,

“Pam Cowans gave us a lot of information about how the suit worked, how to use it in the best way, what we could do to help our son get used to it and how to access the ongoing support that DM Orthotics offers.  The suit was beautiful, and Jakov doesn’t see it as a medical device but as something fun to wear, especially in Spiderman colours.

“The suit improves Jakov’s posture and agility, it has made a big different to his life allowing him much greater freedom of movement and we have also noticed that he is much more confident, it has freed him to move however he likes, and he can now do whatever activity he wants.”

We are very happy customers.   Openness, kindness, professionalism, humanity … that’s DM Orthotics.”

If you would like to find out more about the suit Jakov wears visit our DMO® Custom Structural Scoliosis Suit page.

Jacov in his scoliosis suit

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