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James’s case study

James Griffiths – patient testimonial

“The change was unbelievable! I felt as though I could walk – I can do it by myself.”

I have a neurological condition which affects my balance and coordination.

Before I started using the products by DM Orthotics I would regularly fall and would be heavily dependent on using a stick to keep my balance.

I had seen a number of specialists and had been having physio for a number of years but it had not had much of an effect. In summer 2013 my physiotherapist asked if I would be interested in meeting with Pam from DM Orthotics and trying some of their products. I didn’t think it would work but said I would give it a go.

I met with Pam who gave me a pair of DMO® Custom Shorts to try. So I put them on. I could not believe the difference they made. They were so rigid and felt just like another layer of skin. The support was so strong, they gave me a great sense of security – it was like having scaffolding around me. The change was unbelievable! I felt as though I could walk. I could do it by myself – I didn’t need a stick!

I use a pair of long shorts adapted to cover more of my body and a pair of DMO® Custom Dorsiflex Socks, which gives me more stability through my body – I call it my ‘body armour’. The products have made such a difference to my life. I feel a lot freer, and far more confident walking. I used to fall a lot – people thought I was drunk, I had to explain to people that I hadn’t been drinking but I had a condition. This has reduced so much more now as my reaction times have also improved.

I also like getting out and doing things in the garden – I can do this now too as I have a lot more confidence moving around.


Pam Cowans – DM Orthotics Clinician Team

“For the first time he was able to walk outside the parallel bars unaided. I don’t think he could believe it!”

I first saw James in June 2013. I was contacted by his physiotherapist after conducting a training session at their hospital.

James has a neurological condition and I could see that his balance, tremor and core strength were causing him problems. He also mentioned that he was wearing out his shoes every three weeks.

I prescribed a pair of adapted DMO® Custom Shorts which would give him extra core stability, dampen his tremor and improve his balance. I also prescribed a pair of DMO® Custom Dorsiflex Socks as I assessed he had poor sensory input in his legs and feet. The combination of the two products had a dramatic effect on James’ ability to walk within 10 minutes of putting them on. For the first time he was able to walk outside the parallel bars unaided. I don’t think he could believe it!

I visited James a few months later to make an alteration to his socks – he was still wearing the same shoes he had on when he first tried his DMO® Custom products.



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