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Cerebral Palsy Testimonials

World Champion Boccia player David Smith

Meet World Champion Boccia player David Smith MBE

UK Boccia BC1 player, David Smith MBE, has won multiple medals in his sport and is not only World number 1 but the most successful British boccia player of all time.  The athlete has been using a DMO® Custom Suit to help his performance since 2014.

Power is important in Boccia as, unlike Bowls, the players use soft balls that are harder to move on the Jack.  David’s suit helps his alignment and stability giving him the opportunity to enhance his accuracy and power.  Since using his suit David has found his power has increased by 10%.

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Zach & River

Meet Zach & River

Last year, two twin boys travelled halfway around the world to Redruth to collect their Dynamic Movement Orthoses®. The twins’ parents, Jessica and Tim, heard about DM Orthotics’ products when they took their sons to Sydney in Australia for intensive physiotherapy.
They liked the look and feel of our fabric orthosis sample so much they decided to tie in a trip to Cornwall with Zach’s UK surgery.
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Meet Jai

Jai Srinivasan - DM Orthotics patient

He has used many other hand braces but we prefer the DMO as it is not bulky and he is able to have more control over his fingers without compromising his wrist position”, Kate [Jai’s mum].

Jai Srinivasan has been using DM Orthotics products since the age of 1 for his cerebral palsy. Jai’s cerebral palsy causes him to have left sided weakness with his DMO® Custom Glove enabling him to control his movements and also correct his wrist position through the bio mechanical panelling and strategic reinforcement.

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Meet Abi

Abi Foreman - DM Orthotics patient

Abigail (Abi) Foreman lives in the North East of England and has Dystonic Cerebral Palsy. Her condition causes her muscles to have increased rigidity and means she is a lot slower in her movements and she requires assistance from others for most daily tasks.

Abi was assessed for a DMO® Custom Suit by Tina Findlay, her school physiotherapist at Percy Hedley Foundation in the North East.  This was measured by Pam Cowans our Clinical Specialist for the area, who works closely with the physiotherapists and occupational therapists at the school.

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Bailey Fleming

Meet Bailey

Bailey Fleming - DM Orthotics patient

Bailey Fleming was one of the first DM Orthotics patients to trial the patented DMO® Custom Glove back in 2006, and since then he has never looked back!

Bailey uses the DMO® Custom Glove to help manage the physical effects of his unilateral cerebral palsy and after over a decade using the orthosis has made wearing it an essential part of his daily routine, benefitting from the additional support, proprioceptive feedback and postural alignment it provides.

Bailey said:

“I was given my first DMO glove when I was a teenager. It took a couple of months to get used to due to initial discomfort, but it was well worth sticking with it as it has totally changed the mobility of my hand and arm”.

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