Sunny’s story

Sunny's Story - Patient with Multiple Sclerosis

sunny jacobs smiling at peter and the camera

Meet Sunny

Yoga teacher Sunny Jacobs is very familiar with the pain and restrictive movement cause by problems with the spine.

Sunny has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and a spinal injury, both of which are lifelong conditions. MS can affect the brain and spinal cord, causing a wide range of possible symptoms, including problems with vision, arm or leg movement, sensation or balance.  The spinal injury Sunny has causes stenosis of the spine, a narrowing of the spaces within the spine, which can put pressure on the nerves.


Before coming to DM Orthotics Sunny says,

“I tried all kinds of braces and wraps but none really did the job. The curvature of my spine is severe and not only causes a great deal of pain but because it affects my body’s alignment, I have difficulty moving and keeping my legs going in the right direction.”

Initially Sunny was measured for DMO® Custom Shorts that she used to wear to help her when travelling.  Then as her condition progressed, she started using the shorts at home and a full suit when travelling.  Now she wears a full DMO® Custom Suit every day.

She says,

“My suit helps with everything I have to do, it supports me when I’m sitting, helps me to stand more easily and even though I use a walking aid it gives my shoulders support, so they are less tired at night and pain free.  I even wear it for my yoga practice.  I am more limited in my ability to do yoga now but in the suit, I can do more than I could without it.”

The DMO® Custom Suit was a bespoke prescription designed to support Sunny’s individual needs.

She says,

“I want to maintain as much independence as possible.  DM Orthotics extended the straps on the shoulders so I can get the suit on without any help.  Being able to get dressed by myself is really important to me.

They also changed the design of the sleeve and made a cut out for my bra, so the pressure was taken off my chest. The suit is very comfortable to wear and means I am still able to be active.”

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DMO® Custom Suit

The DMO® Custom Suit is designed to align the shoulders, torso and hips. It improves symmetry and assists stabilisation of the trunk and spine. The DMO® Suit gives a non-restrictive and highly effective level of support to maximise postural stability. The DMO® Suit also aids distal control and positively influences muscle tone to enhance function. Our custom dynamic movement orthoses® are fully made-to-measure and are bespoke to you. It is a patient specific prescription provided by a prescribing clinician. Our DMO® custom orthoses come in a range of colours and with a wide range of reinforcements to help support and control movement, tailored to the individual’s needs. Custom products also let customers have their own openings, zips, toileting etc to make it easier for daily life. This device has been certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

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