Introduction to DMO Medical

DMO Medical offers a comprehensive range of custom made dynamic movement orthoses designed to aid the rehabilitation of neurological, musculoskeletal and postural conditions. 

We pride ourselves on innovation and research in order to produce world leading products which improve quality of life for those we serve.

Our team of expert clinicians work closely with leading medical professionals to ensure that each product is suited to the needs of the individual. We provide a tailored, personal service from consultation to fitting.

We are much more than a medical manufacturer – we understand the importance of how our products can change people’s lives and how each and every life is different. This is our vision and it is carried out in everything we do.

Martin Matthews - Managing Director

The DMO Medical Promise

DMO Medical is dedicated to bringing the very best products with the most effective outcomes to its clients.  Behind every product lies extensive research and development in order to bring the latest in technological advances to our customers.  Each product is tailored to the specific needs of the patient from consultation to fitting to ensure their goals are achieved.


Research and development is fundamental to everything we do. Every aspect of our work undergoes the highest levels of scientific testing which allows us to deliver world leading results with our products. Find out more here.

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DMO DMO Medical Testimonials

DMO Sport has been working with some of the world’s leading athletes, including; Premiership football clubs, Premiership rugby clubs, Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Find out more about how DMO Sport’s products have helped these athletes and what their coaches have to say about them.

DM Orthotics remove need for medication for Ehlers Danlos patient Hannah Ensor
The e-step is great – the combination of the Dorsiflex Sock and the FES unit is really good Sam Jones - FES e-step
The Scoliosis Suit has enabled me to stand more upright, improved my balance and given me greater confidence. Chloe – DMO Scoliosis Suit