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Kadeena Cox

Meet our DMO Team.

Kadeena Cox MBE

T38 100 and 400m sprinter and C4 500m time trail paracyclist

A new Paralympic superstar to emerge this summer is double gold medallist Kadeena Cox. The first British Paralympian to medal in two sports since the 1980s, the paracycling world champion and world record holder has earnt her place in sporting history.

A trademark of Kadeena’s in competition and training is her full arm-length DM Orthotics glove, which helps control spasms in her right arm, a symptom of her Multiple Sclerosis. The glove is part of an essential range of everyday kit in her armoury, which includes a DMO T-shirt, shorts and socks.

“My spasms make my arm kind of dance around and go a bit wild,” explains Kadeena. “The reinforced glove and T-shirt help to contain my movements and allow me to keep running towards the tail end of my race, which has had a great impact on my timings. In cycling it means I can lock onto the handlebars more easily and have more control after I’ve crossed the line.”

Kadeena wears her socks when training and competing to stop her feet turning inwards and to prevent her from walking on her toes, which was leading to really bad Achilles problems. She wears her shorts day-to-day to stabilise her hips and stop them rotating in. “It’s a very exciting area of development that has also proven wonderfully beneficial for the mobility of children with cerebral palsy, an area I’d like to specialise in when I graduate,” says Kadeena.

The physiotherapy student plans to resume her studies now Rio is over, but will continue to train and compete in both sports, something she was told on numerous occasions wasn’t possible. “I’ve been told I can’t do lots of things,” says Kadeena. “I was told I wasn’t going to the Paralympics. I was told I wouldn’t be able to do a 400. I was told I couldn’t do both cycling and sprinting. But I suppose I’m a little bit stubborn. I just follow my heart.”