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Multiple sclerosis

Dynamic Movement Orthoses® use a specially designed compression fabric which is soft, flexible and strong which helps realign the body and influence both muscle tone and the proprioceptive system. Our orthoses work using strategically placed reinforcement panelling which positions the body into improved postural alignment. This new biomechanical state, combined with enhanced proprioception, stimulates and adjusts the neuro-sensory system training muscles to work with improved tone, strength and performance. The deep pressure can help sensory feedback and also dampen down the effects of tremor. 

Some of our most popular products which can assist clients with MS manage their symptoms would be Gloves, Shorts and Socks. 


Gloves are manufactured to address the client’s specific needs, this may be to enhance sensory feedback, address altered sensation, stabilise joints, assist weak muscles and dampen down the effects of tremor in the upper limb. The gloves can be short-sleeved or enclose the full arm to influence the elbow position also. 



Our socks are individually designed to assist the client’s specific needs. We often hear from our MS clients that they have issues with Fatigue Foot Drop, this occurs when muscles are weakened and tire easily causing issues with the person being unable to clear their foot from the floor when walking, this can result in falls. Our socks can assist in foot clearance and also help with stability around the foot and ankle complex. 


Unlike our other made to measure orthoses, our shorts are available either as a bespoke, tailored to suit, or as a pre-sized “off the shelf” product. With our bespoke shorts, we can address specific issues with core stability, pelvic and hip positioning and these can have additional zips and fastenings to aid donning and doffing. Our Essential range shorts are pre-sized shorts which assist with core stability, hip and pelvic stability and sensory feedback, these can be ordered online through our shop. 

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