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Boccia World and Paralympic Champion has an essential part of his kit manufactured in Redruth

David Smith MBE is the 2016 Paralympic Champion and now 2017 World Champion in the BC1 Boccia. David has an essential part of his kit designed and manufactured right here in Redruth, Cornwall, by local company DM Orthotics.

Boccia (pronounced bot-cha) is a regional, national and international Paralympic sport, similar to bowls, which is played by sportspersons with disabilities and support needs.

David has spastic hypermobile cerebral palsy and first came onto the Boccia scene in 2014 and has grown from strength to strength since December 2015 when his first DM Orthotics suit was fitted. Since being fitted with his DMO suit David has said that his power has gone up 10%. He also says power in boccia is crucial because unlike bowls we use soft balls that are harder to move when they’re on the Jack. I was already one of the strongest BC1s and I’m probably miles ahead now in terms of how hard I can hit the ball, which is a huge advantage.”

DM Orthotics design and manufacture made-to-measure medical orthoses for both children and adults with a variety of neurologicaland musculoskeletal conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, ehlers danlos syndrome, and stroke among others.

General manager Dan Severn said “it is amazing to be able to support athletes like David who are very talented and have a real passion for their sport. He is now a part of our athletic sponsorship programme known as Team DMO and we are really proud to support him on his journey to Tokyo 2020. All of our orthoses are hand-made and unique to each individual. We ensure that every patient gets a clinical service tailored to their needs along with a highly bespoke product in order to help them succeed, whether that’s on the field like David or off the field and in everyday life”.

A reduction in pain, increased independence and a new found confidence are some of the benefits that patients reported after wearing the bespoke orthoses that DM Orthotics manufacture with some patients able to complete discontinue their pain medication, saving the NHS up to 75% of their treatment costs.

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