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Wearing a suit gets me out of bed

Gill Nicholls wears our DMO® Custom Suit

Wearing a suit gets me out of bed

Gill says she would be confined to bed without the help of our suit and socks she is keen for more people to understand the condition she lives with.

Gill Nicholls, 40, was finally diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) at 33 years old. May is EDS awareness month and, after many years of unexplained falls, broken bones, croup and asthma, Gill wants to spread the word about an illness that is currently incurable, but which can be effectively managed.

“I’ve used a walking stick on and off since I was eleven and have never been able to write properly because of problems with my hands,” she explained. “Trying to get to the bottom of what was wrong with me has been a continual fight and it was such a relief when, following a friend’s recommendation, I contacted the clinical specialist team at DM Orthotics and got the help I needed.”

EDS affects connective tissues – causing a range of symptoms that can include joint hypermobility, easily dislocated joints, extreme tiredness, digestive problems, dizziness and delay healing.

Gill has the extreme hypermobile type of EDS which means every joint in her body can regularly dislocate. She was in constant pain and unable to work or lead a normal life. Being measured for a suit that effectively acts as a skeleton by keeping her ribs, shoulders, elbows and knees in place has proved transformative.

EDS patient Gill Nicholls with her dog


“Wearing my DMO suit all day and night gets me out of bed and I also wear DMO socks for walking and balance. The positive impact on my life has been huge.”

Before the pandemic, Gill, who lives with her parents and dog Poppy, was volunteering at Bodmin College.

“I’m hoping to go back as I really enjoyed talking to the students,” she said. “Living with EDS has been a challenge, but I want other people to know that there are health professionals out there who do have the knowledge and experience to make a big difference.”

DM Orthotics has a network of clinical specialists operating on a countrywide and even global basis. Orthoses can be made-to-measure, like Gill’s, or purchased online as standard-sized items.

Book a place on our EDS Webinar

As part of EDS awareness month 2021 in May, DM Orthotics is running a webinar on how orthotics can help those with the condition. The expert-led event takes place on Wednesday 26 May from 6.30 to 7.30pm. To book, visit

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