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A year of three thirds! 2017 by Kadeena Cox MBE

A year of three thirds! 2017 by Kadeena Cox MBE

2017 has been extremely busy for Paralympic and World Champion para-athlete Kadeena Cox MBE, with Redruth based manufacturer DM Orthotics helping her at every step of the way.

Kadeena is a para-athlete, celebrity personality and physiotherapy student who also suffers with the neurological condition Multiple Sclerosis. She uses medical orthoses manufactured by Cornish company DM Orthotics in order to help manage the physical effects of her condition.

DM Orthotics are a world leading provider of dynamic movement orthoses that use strategic reinforcement and biomechanical panelling to help correctly align posture.

When asked about this year Kadeena said:

I would sum up this year as a year of enjoying the fruits of my labour. I had fun and did what I needed although it did feel like a year of two halves or actually, a year of three thirds! I had time with various celebrities on The Jump, my student life and completing my placement as a physio student and my life as an athlete; training for and competing at the London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships”.

Kadeena suffers with Multiple Sclerosis with one of her main symptoms she finds problematic to manage, her fatigue. Regarding her fatigue Kadeena said:

My fatigue was higher and I got fatigued quicker this year, my threshold was a lot lower than normal and I really needed DMO the help control my movements, I relied on them a lot more. Training helps but it doesn’t stick like the support the DMOs give me. If I didn’t have them, I’d be on the floor!”

DM Orthotics prides itself in being innovative and forward thinking with regards to the research, design and manufacture of their products and currently partner with over 25 countries worldwide.

When talking about her orthoses Kadeena said:

I experience a great deal of carry-over from my DMOs and for me it’s all about getting the balance right. For some events I will wear all of my orthoses whilst others the carry-over from wearing it leading up to the event is enough”.

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