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Online training

Access online training to prescribe our products

Our free assessment and measurement training is now available online for clinicians who wish to learn how to assess and measure for our Dynamic Movement Orthoses®, DMO®.

At DM Orthotics we believe in approaching every patient individually, so it is important to us that this approach is followed by those who work alongside us. This is why we have developed our own training programme specific to our products and the needs of our patients and clients.

We hope that whilst working with their patients the clinicians we work alongside will be able to incorporate a DMO® assessment into their overall patient assessment.  To enable clinicians to do this we offer our comprehensive online training package free of charge.  Which should be completed before placing an order with us.

Suitable for Physiotherapists, Orthotists and Occupational Therapists working with adults and children with neurological, musculoskeletal or genetic conditions.  The training, which comes with a certificate for CPD evidence, guides clinicians through the process of effectively assessing and measuring patients in order to prescribe DMO® products that will get the best outcomes for their clients.

Pam presenting online training
DMO Glove again an arm

What our training covers

Presented by experienced DM Orthotics clinical specialists, the training covers:

  • Introduction to Dynamic Elastometric Fabric Orthoses (DEFOs) and DMO®s in particular
  • How DMO® products can be used in therapy and rehabilitation
  • How DMO® can be used to improve posture, proprioception, movement, function and reduce pain
  • Before and after pictures of DMO® products in paediatric and adult conditions
  • How to measure and specify a prescription
  • Tips to help you measure accurately
  • Guidance on standard and non-standard specifications
  • When and how to use our reinforcements
  • How to fit and alter DMO®’s

The training is a combination of text, presentations and videos with clear examples of patients using our products.

The online course needs to be completed in 25 working days but can be undertaken flexibly over that time.  Once finished you will receive a certificate to confirm you are accredited by DM Orthotics to measure for our products.  The certificate can also be used for your CPD.

After you have done your training you will get a clinical manual, giving you lots of information on the above training including information on measuring, a full list of non-standard specifications like zip combinations and reinforcement guidelines.

Ongoing clinical support available

There is ongoing support available from the DM Orthotics clinical specialist team via phone, email or video call to answer any questions or give advice to help you make the best choice when prescribing one of our products for your patient.

We require refresher training to be undertake every two years to ensure that best practice is being followed and people are up to date on any changes we have made.

Measuring for DMO Custom Glove
How to register for only training

How to access our training

Apply online

Clinicians wishing to register for our training can do so by completing and submitting one of our online training forms.

If you are based in the UK please complete the:
UK Online Training Form

If you are based OUTSIDE the UK please complete the:
Worldwide Online Training Form

After your application is received we will send you a welcome email and login email.  Please note this can take up to five working days, it is also worth checking your junk folder.  Please email if you have any problems.

Already completed our training?

If the last time you did a training course on our products (either online or in person) was before the end of 2019, we kindly ask that you do our update training to ensure your warranty is valid for all future orders. Please contact us and we can provide access.

Not sure when you were last trained? Please get in touch

If you have any other questions about online training or would like to discuss alternative training arrangements, please contact us.

Contact Us

Have a question about the training we offer? If you are based in the UK please contact Patricia McCotter, or outside the UK please email Pam Cowans

If you would like to find out more about our DMO® Ranges visit:

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