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DMO® Contour V Shorts


DMO® Contour V Shorts are designed to stabilise the hips effectively during the night. They are suitable for high and low tone muscle conditions and prevent excessive turning of the legs inward (the ‘scissoring effect’) or outward. This facilitates a more comfortable and safe position for sleeping.

This product is particularly effective for a range of neuromuscular conditions such as Cerebral Palsy and can also be used for post-operative hip surgery.

The DMO® Contour V Shorts are worn over night-wear. 

    • Aims to reduce progression of hip dislocation
    • Assists alignment of spinal deformity
    • Decreases muscle tension/spasticity
    • Improves biomechanical alignment
    • Increases comfort during the night
      • Adjustable hook and loop opening for ease of fitting and comfort of wearing
      • Adjustable hook and loop straps allows ease of fitting
      • Adjustable angle thermoplastic panel provides stability to leg position
      • Compression provides the perfect balance between flexibility and support

The V Contour shorts are available either in standard sizes or can be custom made for a perfect fit. To be worn over nightwear.

Size Hip (J)

circ min (max)


Waist (A)

circ min (max)


Length from below ribs to waist (mm) Abduction

Waist to above knee



Waist to above knee (mm)

X Small 410 (550) 410 (550) 70 160 200
Small 560 (700) 520 (660) 90 290 330
Medium 650 (870) 580 (800) 110 370 410
Large 740 (960) 620 (840) 130 410 450

DMO Orthosis

Products within the DMO Medical Postural Management range cover a variety of conditions from pregnancy to developing infants and from pillows to corsetry.

Each product within this range has been created with three main objectives in mind – comfort, support and to encourage postural management.

Improved postural support provides better body alignment, removing pressure from certain areas enabling pain reduction and allowing the user to be more comfortable.

Clinical information

It is widely accepted that 24 hour postural management is important in preventing secondary complications such as hip and spinal deformity and muscle contracture, as well as respiratory, circulatory and digestive complications.

The purpose of any postural management system is to provide sensory input and improved biochemical alignment in order to reduce the abnormal neurological impact on the body, promote normal movement patterns, reduce deformity and increase functional ability.

The DM Orthotics night time positioning shorts use the properties of Lycra® combined with thermoplastic support to improve joint position and maintain muscle length whilst allowing the child to move.