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Redruth TR15 1SS

REPS™ pro dorsiflex sock


The REPS Pro Dorsiflex Sock is specifically designed to improve and quicken running stride.
The socks unique design lifts the foot up (active dorsiflexion) generating a more efficient foot pattern and a heel strike which in turn generates a more powerful and energy efficient running stride. This is particularly effective for any sport involving sprinting.
The sock can also be designed to realign the foot if required and provides stability where needed.

  • Pain reduction
  • Realigned foot position
  • Improved running pattern and technique
  • Increased dorsiflexion
  • Pain reduction
  • Improved heel strike
  • Improved running stride
  • Improved foot control and positioning
  • Elastomeric fabric blend provides the optimum balance between flexibility and support
  • Open or closed back design
  • Breathable materials to reduce heat fatigue
  • Provides compression to reduce muscle fatigue and aid recovery
  • External stitching for supreme comfort and reduced chafing
  • Reinforcement panels hold the foot in correct alignment

All products in the REPS Pro range are custom made for a perfect fit. You will receive a personal assessment through our clinical care package so your item will be individually tailored to you.

The DMO Sport Commitment

DMO Sport is committed to bringing the very best products to its athletes. We dedicate exceptional resource to research and development, ensuring our product performs at the highest level, allowing those who use it to feel supremely confident.

Reinforcement panelling

Our reinforcement panelling is used throughout our product range to provide stability and maintain correct postural control, allowing your body to develop efficient ‘muscle memory’ (muscle reprogramming) and improve its capability materials.

Unique Lycra® blend

We use a unique Lycra® blend which is light-weight and breathable with a high elastane content for ultimate flexibility and support


The modern athlete is required to be physically proficient in all areas, matching strength with suppleness – this is something we consider when developing our materials