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DMO® Sensory Made-to-Measure Range

The DMO® Sensory Made-to-Measure range is a set of custom-made products that use a series of measurements to give a more exacting fit.

They have been developed to support individuals who have sensory difficulties and are designed so the compression force of the fabric can improve proprioceptive feedback. This can lead to an improvement in the body’s ability to sense its location, movement, and actions. Helping create a greater sense of calm and enabling, children in particular, to settle and engage more effectively .

The DMO® Sensory Made-to-Measure range is a suit, vest, or leggings with the option for the leggings to have an open crotch for ease of toileting.

Our DMO products are made from a polycotton fibre mix with an Oeke-Tex certification to standard 100. The breathable and washable material is worn next to the skin with seams on the outside to improve the feel and avoid itchy areas.

How to purchase

In the UK
DMO® Sensory Made-to-measure is available in the UK from our own clinical specialist team at DMO, your local clinician (NHS or private) or our valued partners.

Outside the UK

from selected DMO Worldwide Partners

For more information on this range please get in touch email or call us on 01209 219205.


DMO® Sensory Made-to-Measure Range is suitable for:

Adults and children requiring compression to improve body awareness.  They can help reduce overactivity, provide a calming effect and improve core stability and midline orientation.

We use an elastomeric fabric for the DMO® sensory range to ensure a close fit. This creates compression forces to enhance the proprioceptive feedback received by the brain through the neuro-sensory system and can influence muscle tone and body awareness.

• They can be worn all day
• Are a polycotton fibre mix
• Are a breathable and washable material
• Are worn next to the skin under clothing but can be worn as the main clothing if desired
• Have outside seams to improve the inside feel of the product and reduce tactile sensitivity
• Should be washed every 2-3 days to keep the compressive effect
• Have Oeke-Tex Certification – standard 100

This range is available in ten fabric colours: beige, white, black, lilac, dark blue, red, racing green, purple, baby pink and baby blue.

We recommend washing every 2-3 days to maintain the compressive effect.

Wear Instructions:

DMO® Sensory products should be worn next to the skin. The wear time should be built up slowly over the first week, doubling the amount of time daily until worn throughout the day. e.g. 1st day – 1 hour, 2nd day – 2 hours, 3rd day – 4 hours, 4th day – 8 hours, 5th day and thereafter – 8 hours a day.

Washing Instructions:

Follow the washing instructions carefully or our products can become damaged.

• Our products should be washed at least every 2-3 days.
• They can be hand washed cool or machine washed at 30 degrees.
• Use short spin only or roll up in a dry towel to remove excess moisture.
• Allow to completely dry overnight by hanging up indoors.

Do not

• Dry in strong direct sunlight or on a radiator.
• Wring the product out – it will stretch out of shape and will cause damage to the materials.
• Iron or bleach
• Dry clean or tumble dry – it will shrink.