Introduction to DMO Sport

At DMO Sport we understand that the athlete’s ability to perform at the highest level is paramount to their success. To constantly exceed goals and defy new expectations is what defines an athlete and their achievements. We know that talent is not enough, that every athlete has the desire, aspiration and vision to be the best – this is their ultimate goal. We also know this only comes with hard work, persistence and dedication; through discipline, non-negotiation and belief.

By taking note of these psychological factors commonly shared amongst all competitive athletes, we understand the needs of the professional athletes we work with and incorporate this necessity into every aspect of our product design and testing.

We know each athlete’s individual needs are different and therefore offer bespoke tailored sizing and panelling to ensure that that the product your wear is going to do its very best for you.

We know, that like the athletes we work with, things move quickly, so we are constantly looking at innovations in design and materials to enable us to hold the competitive edge and keep our athletes ahead of their game.

Train harder, efficiently with confidence -push boundaries and surpass new limits.

Whether you are using DMO Sport products to increase your performance levels or for rehabilitation to get you back to your game, you can be assured that the need for an athlete’s ability to succeed has been integrated into every element.

The DMO Sport Commitment

DMO Sport is committed to bringing the very best products to its athletes. We dedicate exceptional resource to research and development, ensuring our product performs at the highest level, allowing those who use it to feel supremely confident.


Quality, in-depth research underpins all we do at DMO Sport. By thoroughly researching all aspects contained within a new project we can be confident that the solution we provide will work in the best possible way.

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DMO DMO Sport Testimonials

DMO Sport has been working with some of the world’s leading athletes, including; Premiership football clubs, Premiership rugby clubs, Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Find out more about how DMO Sport’s products have helped these athletes and what their coaches have to say about them.

DMO Sport REPS Shorts improve performance for Paralympian Sophia Warner - REPS Shorts