Training for Clinical Professionals

At DM Orthotics we believe in approaching every patient individually, so it is important to us that this approach is followed by those who work alongside us. This is why we have developed our own training programme specific to our products and the needs of our patients and clients. We hope that whilst working with their patients the clinicians we work alongside will be able to incorporate a DMO® assessment into their overall patient assessment.

Online assessment, measurement and prescription training

To enable clinicians to do this we offer a comprehensive online training package free of charge which should be completed before placing an order with us. Our training is suited to physiotherapists, orthotists and occupational therapists with an interest in or working with adults and children with neurological, musculoskeletal and genetic conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes and Traumatic Brain Injury.

UK NHS professionals, private providers and new international suppliers are expected to undertake the full training package prior to assessment and prescription of our products.

The training, which comes with a certificate for CPD evidence, guides clinicians through the process of effectively assessing and measuring patients in order to prescribe DMO® products that will get the best outcomes for their clients.

What our training covers

Presented by experienced DM Orthotics clinical specialists, the training covers:

• Introduction to Dynamic Elastomeric Fabric Orthoses (DEFOs) and DMO®s in particular
• How DMO® products can be used in therapy and rehabilitation
• How DMO® can be used to improve posture, proprioception, movement, function and reduce pain
• Before and after pictures of DMO® products in paediatric and adult conditions
• How to measure and specify a prescription
• Tips to help you measure accurately
• Guidance on standard and non-standard specifications
• When and how to use our reinforcements
• How to fit and alter DMO®s

The training is a combination of text, presentations and videos with clear examples of patients using our products.

The online course should be completed in 25 working days but can be undertaken flexibly over that time. Once finished you will receive a certificate to confirm you are approved by DM Orthotics to measure for our products. The certificate can also be used for your CPD.

After completing your training you will receive a clinical manual – giving you lots of information on the above training including information on measuring – a full list of non-standard specifications like zip combinations and reinforcement guidelines. You will also be given access to the video guides section in our online training and resources area.

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Update training

Once our clinical customers have completed our current assessment, prescription and measurement training, they should then complete our ‘refresher’ update training course every three years which will highlight any changes to products or measurement advice. Update training is available in our online training area, face to face or by taking part in one of our update training webinars which will be listed on our Events page.

We also run occasional online Q&A forums for trained clinicians who need further support on our products. Please see our Events page for further details.

Alternative training arrangements

If you don’t need to order products but would like to do a simplified introductory version of our online course, please contact us to arrange something suitable.

We may also be able to arrange face to face training or group training packages at a location to suit you. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Specialist DM Orthotics Scoliosis training

We prefer to offer training in our DMO® Custom Scoliosis products after clinicians have gained a minimum of 12 months experience measuring and working with our DMO® Custom products. We find this training programme is best offered face to face. Please contact our UK Clinical Manager for more details.