The Dove London family smiling outside the factory. Left to right. Jessica, River, Brett and Zac. River is in a red and black DMO suit and Zac is in a pink DMO suit.

The DM Orthotics story

Martin Matthews, Advanced Clinical Specialist Orthotist, had a vision to improve the lives of people living with neurological conditions. From this vision, DM Orthotics left its humble beginnings and has grown into a multi-national market leader, renowned for its high quality of products and dedication to research.

photograph taken over a sewing machinist shoulder where she is machining a lilac orthosis with pink stitching. Her hands are feeding the product through the sewing machine

Recognizing the clinical importance of Dynamic Elastomeric Fabric Orthoses (DEFOs) for the future, Martin’s entrepreneurial spirit saw him set up a new manufacturing site for the pioneering orthoses, securing the jobs and expertise of the existing production staff at Tyco (Redruth) UK. With a small but dedicated team of 15 staff, he rebranded his DEFOs ‘Dynamic Movement Orthoses®’ (DMO®) and in November 2004, DM Orthotics was born.

physiotherapist sarah measuring for a glove on a lady with blonde hair. They are both sat at a table

DM Orthotics has since grown from strength to strength, providing patients with confidence and reassurance that both time and care, of equal empathy, is prescribed alongside their DMO® product. We now employ 55 members of staff including administrative, clinical, and manufacturing specialists that work closely together to deliver an excellent and unmatched level of customer care and service that spans worldwide.

We now work with over 20 international customers and suppliers so that no matter your location we will do our very best to ensure that you can benefit from the support a dynamic movement orthosis (DMO®) can provide. We also have a number of research partnerships with businesses and universities all over the world and we pride ourselves on our dedication to product innovation.

lots of spools of cotton in various colours sat next to each other in a box.

Ultimately our story is a very personal one that centres on people and a personal touch. We understand that no matter what condition a patient has, they all present differently, we ensure we provide an orthosis tailored to their individual needs.

Our vision and values help us achieve the very best patient outcomes that we can. Our company vision is that we want to help people achieve the impossible by being a one stop shop for all things orthotics.

Our company values were handpicked by all members of staff at DM Orthotics and focus on:

•           We are proud of our products and services and passionate about the impact they have on people’s lives

•             We respect each other and celebrate our differences

•             We care about each other and our customers and patients

•             We strive for the highest quality in everything we do

Clinical team montage image - Top left to bottom right. Martin Matthews, Patricia McCotter, Pam Cowans, Merlin Collier, Holly Nicholson, Caroline Jackson, Sarah O'Leary and Lynsey McCallum

At DM Orthotics we are a family.

We are a family made up of clinical specialists, manufacturing experts and highly skilled customer advisers working together to make something truly life changing for you and your family.

We pride ourselves on our ability to remain unmatched in the marketplace by providing you with patented products, prescribed by our clinical specialist Orthotists and Physiotherapists whose combined clinical experience sits at over 200 years.

For nearly 20 years we have been working hard all over the world to ensure as many patients as possible have easy access to a wide range of life altering DMO products.

dmo administration team member looking at a pattern in the factory with roles of fabric behind

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