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Yes, each orthosis is individually tailored to your requirements. This should be discussed with you by your therapist or orthotist at your assessment / measuring appointment. When you can independently go to the toilet, then it is advised that an open crotch is fitted so that you do not have to remove your orthosis when going to the bathroom. This helps to ensure you remain independent particularly if you have balance problems or problems using your hands. For young children, there are a range of fastening options to facilitate nappy changing.
Yes you can wear our orthoses swimming you just need to ensure that you rinse well after and wash accordingly to our washing instructions.
No, our orthoses are made of dynamic elastomeric fabric and are latex free.

– Put the Orthosis on as instructed following the instruction leaflet provided or from information on our website.
– Take care when putting on – pulling on roughly and long nails may also cause damage
– Build up wear time as per individual instructions
– Wash at least every 2 to 3 days
– Follow the washing instructions carefully
– Contact your therapist if you are concerned about fit of the Orthosis


– Do not tumble dry the Orthosis it will shrink and damage the material
– Do not wring out the Orthosis – it will become misshapen and become damaged
– Do not wear at night (unless you have been provided with a scoliosis suit or night time positioning shorts. You have been advised to wear other DMO® orthoses by your doctor, therapist or orthotists as this can be beneficial for certain medical conditions e.g. EDS)
– Do not iron the Orthosis
– Do not bleach the Orthosis