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DMO® product wear & care

Welcome to our Wear & Care resource centre. Here you will be able to find helpful tips on how to wear, how to put on and take off and more on your DMO® products.

Follow the care instructions carefully. By taking care of your orthosis you will prolong its wear and prevent damage. View our full suite of Wear & Care videos at the bottom of this page.

Use these guides for all DMO® product ranges: DMO® Custom, DMO® Essentials and DMO® Sensory. The colour and design may vary but the way to put them on and off is the same.

If we can help with any more information, please be sure to contact us.

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Care instructions

By taking care of your orthosis you will prolong its wear and prevent damage.

Click here to view our booklet that talks about how to care for your orthosis.

How to check your DMO® product for fit and growth

Yes you can wear our orthoses swimming you just need to ensure that you rinse well after and wash accordingly to our washing instructions.
You should build up wearing time gradually until you are wearing it all day (follow the guidelines in the wearing instructions).

The length of time you will have an Orthosis will be determined by your diagnosis and your goals. You will be reassessed by your therapist but it is usual to wear your Orthosis for several years.
Follow these care instructions carefully. By taking care of your Orthosis, you will prevent causing damage to it and help it last longer.

– The Orthosis should be washed at least every 2-3 days.
– The Orthosis can be machine or hand washed at 30⁰.
– Short spin or wrap dry in a towel to remove excess moisture.
– Allow to drip dry.
– DO NOT wring out the Orthosis. It will misshapen cause damage to the material.
– DO NOT iron the Orthosis.
– DO NOT bleach the Orthosis.
– DO NOT dry clean.
– DO NOT tumble dry.
– DO NOT use fabric softener.

Regular and correct care of the Orthosis will prevent it from developing odour and keep the material supple.

If your Orthosis is silver treated, this will need to be re-applied after 100 washes as the silver ions start to disperse after 50 washes.