DMO Essentials landscape image. Product image and montage. Three images at the top of the image and five underneath. There is a thin red line separating the two. Top line L-R dmo essentials single shoulder, dmo essentials double shoulder, dmo essentials black single shoulder, dmo essentials open crotch black shorts, dmo essentials lblack leggings, dmo essentials black vest, dmo essentials single shoulder black, dmo essentials double shoulder male in beige

DMO® Essentials

Our DMO® Essentials range was designed to offer similar benefits to our DMO® Custom range, but in a variety of pre-determined sizes with pre-set panels and reinforcements. This product range consists of both adult and child dynamic movement orthoses and requires only one measurement to be taken, either at home or by a DMO® trained clinician.

Our DMO® Essentials products are perfect as an assessment product to see if a DMO® is right for you and they have worked well for patients managing the physical effects of the following conditions:

·         Cerebral Palsy

·         Developmental Delay

·         Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Stroke

·         & more


The DMO® Essentials product range is available in black or beige and consists of:

·         DMO® Essentials Vest – adult

·         DMO® Essentials Vest – child

·         DMO® Essentials Leggings – adult

·         DMO® Essentials Leggings – child

·         DMO® Essentials Shorts – adult

·         DMO® Essentials Shorts – child

·         DMO® Essentials Single Shoulder – adult

·         DMO® Essentials Single Shoulder – child

·         DMO® Essentials Double Shoulder – adult

·         DMO® Essentials Double Shoulder – child


These products are currently available to purchase directly via our website in the UK and USA only. If you are not based in one of these areas, our DMO® Essentials products are available from selected International Suppliers.

For more information on this range please contact us.

Click here to see a full list of our DMO® Essentials products.

DMO® Essentials