One of the main questions we get asked is “can I get funding for your products?”
Our short answer is, maybe.

How to buy

You can purchase your DMO® custom orthoses direct from us, through a DMO® trained clinician or you may be able to access the products through NHS or Charity funding. We also have some product ranges that can be purchased online, without clinical intervention, through our website if you’re in the UK, USA and Ireland. If you are seeing a DMO® clinician direct consultation and fitting fees may also apply. sized

How to order

You can order a DMO® custom orthosis through a DMO® trained clinician as all of our products in this range need to be assessed, measured and prescribed. During your appointment your clinical specialist will determine if a DMO® is right for you and also which of our product ranges best suits your needs. If you wish to order a product from our pre-sized DMO® Essentials or DMO® Sensory ranges they can be purchased directly through our website or via a DMO® trained clinician. All orders are processed when payment is made and we do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible.

NHS funding

NHS funding may be available for our orthoses, however this varies throughout the UK. Your local NHS clinician should be able to inform you if there is a funding pathway in your area.


If you choose to self-fund your orthoses you can make payment to us via BACS or debit/credit card and our dedicated accounts team are happy to assist you in anyway they can.

Based outside the UK?

Please contact your nearest international supplier for advice regarding funding opportunities in your location.