Abi’s story

Abi's Story - Patient with Cerebral Palsy


Meet Abi

Abigail (Abi) Foreman lives in the North East of England and has Dystonic Cerebral Palsy. Her condition causes her muscles to have increased rigidity and means she is a lot slower in her movements and she requires assistance from others for most daily tasks.

Abi was assessed for a DMO® Custom Suit by Tina Findlay, her school physiotherapist at Percy Hedley Foundation in the North East.  This was measured by Pam Cowans our Clinical Specialist for the area, who works closely with the physiotherapists and occupational therapists at the school.


Tina said;

“I have seen a huge improvement in Abi’s confidence and therefore her emotional well-being when wearing the suit. She is a little girl who wants to be as independent as possible, and the suit has promoted this further. Her sitting and standing posture is improved, and she is able to get both feet flat independently when in the walking frame. It has also been noticed her voice clarity and volume has also improved.’’

When asked about her suit Abi said;

“I like wearing my suit because it helps me sit independently.  It helps me stand straight with my feet flat.  I like my pink suit”.

Pam, our Export Manager and Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist said;

“Abi is a bright young girl who is determined to get her ‘feet on the floor’ and to do well in school.  Since having her  DMO® Custom Suit, she has begun to progress faster with her physiotherapy tasks and her ability to sit, stand and take steps – with her feet on the floor.  Her speech has also become louder and clearer”.

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