Luka’s story

Luka's Story - Patient with Scoliosis


Meet Luka

Luka was three when she first visited us in 2019. She has a condition that has yet to be diagnosed which causes muscle weakness, especially in her trunk area.

The condition has led to a rare form of Neuromuscular Scoliosis, (curvature of the spine), as well as Hip Dysplasia where the hip joint is the wrong shape or the hip socket is in the wrong place.  This causes greater wear and tear on the hip joint and an unusual gait.

When Luka first came to see us, she could crawl but was unable to walk.

Luka’s mother Vlatka described her condition,

“Luka’s Scoliosis and her Hip Dysplasia are both results of a not fully determined condition that could be best described as a kind of muscle dystrophy. She cannot walk on her own, she only crawls.

“She used to fall to her side while crawling, she would let her shoulders lean forward and tilt her pelvis to give the impression of being straight when sitting. She couldn’t sit on a swing without back support, she would fall off.”

Pam Cowans, Export Manager and Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, assessed Luka and measured her for her first DMO® Custom Structural Scoliosis Suit at our head office in Cornwall.

She said,

“We prescribed a DMO® Custom Structural Scoliosis Suit for Luka to improve her spinal re-alignment and to try to compensate for the impact the Scoliosis was having on her movement and posture.

“The compression from the suit fabric combined with the design of the reinforcements increases pressure on certain muscle groups and improves proprioception. In Luka’s case leading to her having greater awareness of her body and more control of it.”

The DMO® Custom Structural Scoliosis Suit is designed to correct spinal curvature and rotation.  Unlike traditional rigid splinting, this design improves balance and stability whilst allowing range of movement.  Created to be worn under clothing the suit was custom-made for Luka to ensure a perfect fit.