The Use of a Dynamic Elastomeric Fabric Orthotic Intervention in Adolescents and Adults with Scoliosis

Martin J. Matthews, MPhil, James H. Wynne, CPO, FAAOP, Unknown,



The use of dynamic elastomeric fabric orthoses in the non-surgical management of scoliosis has been growing over the last 20 years in the paediatric populations and has now started to be used in adolescent and adult patients as well. The concepts of treatment concentrate on the use of movement and changes in the neurological pattern generation, to reduce scoliosis curve Cobb angles and pain that is sometimes experienced due to an altered positional sense. This chapter introduces research, including recent computer modelling, to demonstrate the effects of the combination of two different layered textiles which enable improved comfort, aesthetics as well as scoliosis clinical management. The textile combination enables a total body suit to use 3D scoliosis brace knowledge to assist in developing new orthotic interventions for adolescents and adults with both neurological and idiopathic onset scoliosis, for several different presentations.

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