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Whether it is investigating new revelations in materials or looking at new models to improve efficiency in service, it is important for us to explore every avenue and every eventuality to ensure the best possible result.

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Our orthoses work using strategically placed panelling which improves body alignment. This new positioning stimulates sensory systems throughout the body and re-programmes the brain, ensuring that muscles operate in their new state of optimal alignment.

Our orthoses use a unique elastomeric fabric designed to give the best combination of flexibility and comfort, enabling freedom of movement.
Our custom dynamic movement orthoses® are fully made-to-measure and are bespoke to you. It is a patient specific prescription provided by a prescribing clinician. Our essentials orthoses have standard, and limited, specifications as well as stock sizing and would not suit all patients. They can be more affordable.

Our custom products have a wide range of colour options and customisation whereas our essentials range are only available in black or beige. Our DMO® custom orthoses also come with a wide range of reinforcements to help support and control movement, tailored to the individual’s needs. Custom products also let customers have their own openings, zips, toileting etc to make it easier for daily life.
In children, generally growth will dictate when an Orthosis needs alteration or replacing.

In adults it is more likely to be wear and tear through use, which will necessitate repair or replacement. If your weight changes this may lead to your Orthosis needing to be altered or replaced.
Follow these care instructions carefully. By taking care of your Orthosis, you will prevent causing damage to it and help it last longer.

– The Orthosis should be washed at least every 2-3 days.
– The Orthosis can be machine or hand washed at 30⁰.
– Short spin or wrap dry in a towel to remove excess moisture.
– Allow to drip dry.
– DO NOT wring out the Orthosis. It will misshapen cause damage to the material.
– DO NOT iron the Orthosis.
– DO NOT bleach the Orthosis.
– DO NOT dry clean.
– DO NOT tumble dry.
– DO NOT use fabric softener.

Regular and correct care of the Orthosis will prevent it from developing odour and keep the material supple.

If your Orthosis is silver treated, this will need to be re-applied after 100 washes as the silver ions start to disperse after 50 washes.

– Put the Orthosis on as instructed following the instruction leaflet provided or from information on our website.
– Take care when putting on – pulling on roughly and long nails may also cause damage
– Build up wear time as per individual instructions
– Wash at least every 2 to 3 days
– Follow the washing instructions carefully
– Contact your therapist if you are concerned about fit of the Orthosis


– Do not tumble dry the Orthosis it will shrink and damage the material
– Do not wring out the Orthosis – it will become misshapen and become damaged
– Do not wear at night (unless you have been provided with a scoliosis suit or night time positioning shorts. You have been advised to wear other DMO® orthoses by your doctor, therapist or orthotists as this can be beneficial for certain medical conditions e.g. EDS)
– Do not iron the Orthosis
– Do not bleach the Orthosis