2024 Clinician Spotlight – Holly Nicholson

13 / 02 / 2024

By Beth Andrew-Woods

One of our unique capabilities as an orthoses manufacturer is the expertise of our in-house clinical team. We have ten practicing clinicians who assess, measure and prescribe patients with custom orthoses that help them manage their genetic, neurological or musculoskeletal conditions— greatly improving their quality of life.

Therefore, because of the nature of our clinicians’ roles, we would like to give each member of our team a spotlight to show you their expertise.

Holly Nicholson

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

Holly Nicholson has been with us since 2018 and has been practicing as a physiotherapist since 2010. Specializing in Paediatrics, Complex Neurodisability and Postural management, Holly works with our patients in the Southeast of England to prescribe orthoses specifically designed to help manage the unique presentation of their condition.

Like our other internal clinicians, Holly assesses our patients and sets achievable aims and goals before measuring the patient for their very own Dynamic Movement Orthoses® (DMO®). Once the patient’s orthosis has been made by our manufacturing department in Cornwall, Holly will set a fitting appointment to ensure the DMO is a perfect fit. During this fitting appointment the patient will be given a full plan around how to use their new orthosis and its best practice for compliance.

Our step-by-step guidance and aftercare isn’t just for our patients, Holly also provides training and support to various independent clinics in the Southeast we work with. By training Orthotists, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists on how to assess and prescribe DMOs to their patients, Holly will then be available to training clinicians for any questions regarding prescriptions and fitting their orthoses.

Recently, Holly has been quite busy in the Southeast, working in conjunction with a specialist physiotherapist regarding two Boccia players who wanted to improve their stability to better compete.

“It was amazing to be able to work with these highly skilled athletes and to help improve their performance through the use of a DMO.”

Holly has also been fundamental in building one of our latest partnerships with CPotential, a registered disability charity in North London, who focus on providing integrated rehabilitation services for young people with movement disorders. She recently spent time giving their team introduction training for prescribing DMOs and worked with their team to provide an upper limb orthosis to improve arm and hand function for a patient.

In October, Holly attended the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (APCP) Conference in Manchester where she was able to speak to fellow physiotherapists about some of the products we offer, such as our DMO Contour-V shorts.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have Holly in our team and are very excited to see what she gets up to in 2024. If you require an orthosis or would like to learn more about the range of products we’re able to provide, then see our entire product range here DMO® Custom - DM Orthotics Ltd

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