New online ordering system goes live

08 / 02 / 2022

By Beth Andrew-Woods

On Tuesday 8th February 2022 we will be launching our brand new online ordering system for clinical professionals. The way to access the new ordering system will remain the same – via our website – however the way you place and view your orders will be a little different.

The key benefits of the new and improved system are:

• Quick, easy to use and free
• View your order status in real-time
• Pre-approved specification combinations
• Use the upload feature to attach any additional information with your order
• Use the ‘save as draft’ feature when you may not have all the order information available
• Order an alteration request directly from the system
• Automatic notification of sales orders and shipments

How to use the new system

If you have not yet used our new ordering system but were an active user of our previous ordering system (pictured below), you should have received two emails about creating a new password. Please click the link to reset your password in the second email. Once complete you will be able to access the new ordering system via with your new password.

Note. The link to reset your password expires within 48 hours. If you find your link has expired please contact us to request a new link.

If you used our previous online ordering system but have NOT received your password reset emails, please contact us.

If you have already been using the NEW online ordering system (login screen pictured below), your current login details will continue to work from the 8th February. Any links you have been using to access the ordering system will continue to work.

If you have completed our online training but have never used our online ordering system, please send the information below to and we will send you your login details:

• Name
• Email Address
• Clinic
• Organisation Name
• DMO ID (as provided following the completion of your training)

Need further help?

If you need help getting set up on our new online ordering system or have a query about how to use it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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