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Orthoses that help people with Cerebral Palsy

02 / 12 / 2021

By Beth Andrew-Woods


In part one of our blog on ‘Why fabric orthoses are a good option for Cerebral Palsy’ we looked at the different ways Cerebral Palsy (CP) can affect the movement of muscles and the posture of the body, how a fabric orthosis like a dynamic movement orthosis works and how they can help support a patient with CP.

In part two of our blog, we look at what types of orthotic devices commonly called Cerebral Palsy Orthotics are available for different areas of the body and how they may help the particular challenges people living with CP may have.

Cerebral Palsy Body Orthoses

There are a wide range of body orthoses on the market, sometimes called bodysuits or a lycra suit for Cerebral Palsy, they are a product that covers the shoulders, torso and hips.  At DM Orthotics we offer a made-to-measure dynamic movement orthosis called a DMO® Custom Suit.

DMO® Custom Suits

DMO® Custom Suits are a popular choice of body orthoses for Cerebral Palsy patients.  They are designed to align the shoulders, torso, and hips creating a non-restrictive and highly effective way of providing stability to the trunk and torso leading to improved posture, muscle function and tone. Helping support a patient’s movement, proximal control, and core stability.

DMO® Custom Scoliosis Suits

For CP patients that experience changes in their spine, like Scoliosis, we can also prescribe our DMO® Custom Scoliosis Suits to correct spinal curvature and rotation. The DMO® Custom Postural Scoliosis Suit is for patients who have a curve showing due to poor sitting position or low spinal muscle tone.  The DMO® Custom Structural Scoliosis Suit is for patients who have more advanced Scoliosis.

Cerebral Palsy Lower Limb Orthoses

Our Cerebral Palsy orthotic devices for the lower body, in particular our stability shorts and leggings, work on improving lower limb function and posture whilst increasing core and pelvic stability.  The improved muscle function, movement and pain relief these products can give is often very beneficial to people with CP.

DMO® Custom shorts and leggings

The DMO® Custom Shorts and DMO® Custom Leggings were developed to improve lower limb function and gait patterns, whilst increasing core and pelvic stability. They provide improved posture and pelvic stability, improved hip and knee extension and increased muscle tone and pain relief.

DMO® Custom Dorsiflex Socks

Our DMO® Custom Dorsiflex Socks can help Dropfoot caused by Cerebral Palsy. Manufactured with an open or closed back they are designed to provide assistance to dorsiflexion during walking and running. This type of sock orthosis is particularly effective in improving walking patterns where reduced strength occurs.  The open back design option also aids with donning and doffing.  These sock orthoses can have additional reinforcements to aid correct pronation or supination of the foot and to increase the stability of the foot and ankle when weight bearing.

Cerebral Palsy Upper Limb Orthoses

Shoulder stability orthoses

The DMO® single and double shoulder stability orthoses are designed to manage shoulder impairments.  Their unique design pulls the shoulders back, to support the shoulder blades which helps stabilise the joints. These features can provide greater comfort and better posture.  They can improve body position, offer pain relief and help increase range of movement, a key issue for some people living with CP.

DMO® Custom Vest

This dynamic orthosis is designed to influence posture of the shoulders, trunk and arms. A combination of compression fabric and reinforcement panelling work together to realign the shoulders and increase postural stability.

DMO® Custom Glove

The DMO® Custom glove was made to improve conditions which induce either high or low muscle tone and tremor. Its unique design has standard panels that extend the wrist, fingers and supinate the arm, additional panels can be added based on the patients presentation.  This type of Cerebral Palsy Orthotic device can improve a patient’s ability to hold objects and support them to eat and drink independently.

The purpose of our Cerebral Palsy Orthotics products

DM Orthotics, Dynamic Movement Orthoses® have been created to enhance the quality of life for children and adults with CP and other conditions.  They aim to give an individual a more stable basis for movement this can enable higher levels of functioning like increased range of motion, improved muscle tone, greater endurance, increased co-ordination and improved control over spastic movement.  Which in turn can reduce stress and fatigue, increase confidence, and reduce the risk of trips and falls.

Once the challenges of the different presentations of CP have been reduced there is more space for increased quality of life, DM Orthotics hope is that people with CP will have more time to be able to explore interests, build relationships and have fun.

If you would like to find out more about how orthotic medical devices for CP often called Cerebral Palsy Orthotics could help you, your child, or your patient then please get in touch.  We have an experienced Clinical Team that can assess and prescribe our products.

DMO® Custom range products

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