New partnership – with CPotential!

19 / 02 / 2024

By Beth Andrew-Woods

DM Orthotics are incredibly proud to announce our new partnership with CPotential and their talented Clinical team.

Our exciting partnership combines the expertise of DM Orthotics in crafting specialised Dynamic Movement Orthoses and assessing and prescribing bespoke orthoses, (AFOs, insoles etc) tailored to manage a wide spectrum of conditions. 

CPotential provides integrated therapies and support to children and young people with movement disorders, due to conditions such as cerebral palsy, global developmental delay and acquired brain injury.

Every child and young person is unique, and their challenges need a tailor-made approach to achieve the best outcomes. CPotential’s ITM (Integrated Therapy Model) works across four key developmental zones using a bespoke combination of interventions and therapies to optimise progress in various areas of development, enhancing the child's overall quality of life.

Children's needs also change over time, so the flexible nature of the integrated therapy model allows the multidisciplinary team to work together and adjust the therapy plan as the child develops, ensuring that the interventions remain relevant and effective.

Along with CPotential's focus on integrated rehabilitation for children and young people, we aim to provide a multidisciplinary approach to help your child reach their therapy goals with confidence.

Our Clinical Specialist Orthotist, Lynsey McCallum, has over 16 years of Paediatric Orthotic experience and working alongside the Multidisciplinary team can provide:

  • Custom Orthoses
  • Dynamic Orthoses
  • Scoliosis management
  • Gait analysis and expert advice

Together we aim to provide a unique therapy experience that is completely driven by individual goals and how best we can support families.

A word from the clinical team:

‘My passion is Biomechanics and gaining the absolute optimum for every single child. Every milestone a child with a movement disorder reaches, is gained through hard work and determination. My job, is to ensure that each child is fulfilling their potential through their Orthotic input— literally every movement matters!’

  Lynsey McCallum – DMO Clinical Specialist Orthotist

‘We are delighted to begin a working partnership with CPotential, providing a complete orthotic service for the children already benefiting from the wonderful therapy provided by the team. The gold standard for patient care is when all clinicians work together with the patients and families to set goals, and work in collaboration to achieve the best possible clinical outcomes, this service will provide that.’

Patricia McCotter, DMO UK Clinical Manager

At CPotential, we’re so excited to be partnering with DM Orthotics to bring together our specialities to offer integrated therapies alongside DMO’s state of the art and custom-made orthoses.  This will bring new opportunities to support children in their participation and independence and make these specialist orthotics accessible to all our families.’

Paula Godfrey, Clinical lead for OT & Manthan Gajjar, Clinical lead for Physiotherapy

To find out more about our partnership or to book a DMO appointment at CPotential click here.

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