DMO® Sensory Adult Leggings made-to-measure

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The DMO® Sensory Adult Leggings are suitable for adults requiring compression to improve body awareness and are designed to improve sensory proprioceptive feedback and core stability which is facilitated by the application of deep pressure. This is exerted through the skin by the compression force applied by the fabric.
Proprioceptive input to the brain can be a powerful tool in helping self-regulation and the tightness of these DMO® Sensory leggings can help improve the body’s ability to sense its location, movement, and actions. The leggings can help lead to a reduction in overactivity and provide a calming effect as well as improve core stability and midline orientation.
Improving body awareness can have a positive effect on core stability and body alignment, when combined, this can help fine and gross motor skills.

They are available in a range of colours and an open crotch can be added for ease of toileting.

Our made-to-measure DMO® Sensory Adult leggings are also available as a pre-sized product in a range of sizes. To find out more information about our  pre-sized DMO® Sensory Adult leggings click here.


• They can be worn all day
• Are a polycotton fibre mix
• Are a breathable and washable material
• Are worn next to the skin under clothing but can be worn as the main clothing if desired
• Have outside seams to improve the inside feel of the product and reduce tactile sensitivity
• Should be washed every 2-3 days to keep the compressive effect

DMO® Sensory products should be worn next to the skin.

The wear time should be built up slowly over the first week, doubling the amount of time daily until worn throughout the day.

e.g. 1st day – 1 hour, 2nd day – 2 hours, 3rd day – 4 hours, 4th day – 8 hours, 5th day and thereafter – 8 hours a day.