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Climbing high with DM Orthotics

Tom Watts, 16, has been taking on the world of extreme sports thanks to his Lycra orthoses supplied by DM Orthotics.

Tom suffered a stroke at the age of eleven which impaired the function and movement down his left side, preventing him from continuing to enjoy contact sports such as rugby. Now aided with DM Orthotics’ Dorsiflex Sock and more recently the DMO Glove, Tom is taking on Extreme Sports like climbing and mountain biking.

Tom was determined to get active again and tried a number of rigid carbon fibre splints for his foot before his physiotherapist recommended DM Orthotics’ Lycra version. Tom explains,
“I got through about three different types of carbon fibre splints, but because I was so active, I kept breaking them. They just didn’t last, or weren’t flexible enough to allow me to do the things I wanted to do.”

The Dorsiflex Sock works using a number of strategically placed Lycra panels which create forces to re-align the foot’s position, providing active dorsiflexion (lifting the foot up during walking and running).

Martin Matthews, Managing Director at D M Orthotics explains,
“The new positioning stimulates the body’s neuro-sensory system and effectively, re-programmes the brain so that the muscles work in a new bio-mechanical state. There are a number of benefits to this including increased proprioception but most importantly it encourages muscle movement and usage.”

Tom says of the Dorsiflex Sock,
“The Dorsiflex Sock is great. Because it is made from Lycra it is really easy to put on. It’s so much more comfortable, nice and light and doesn’t rub. I don’t have to keep changing it over either like I did with the carbon fibre splints. I can just put it on in the morning and leave it on all day.”

Tom has been able to take part in a lot more activities that require a lot of leg movement with the Dorsiflex Sock and joined the Club of Extreme Sports at his local leisure centre.
“I can do a lot more running using the sock. I go to an Extreme Sports club – I do wall climbing, mountain biking, rocketball. The Dorsiflex Sock has definitely allowed me to do a lot more of these things.”

And there are also other aesthetic benefits, something which is important as Tom points out,
“The other great thing is that you can choose your own colours. Mine looks like a regular sports sock which is great in the summer, when people see it, they think it’s just a sports sock – it doesn’t draw the same sort of attention as a rigid brace.”

Find out more about the DMO Dorsiflex Sock and DMO Glove here Products

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