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DMO® for boccia players


DMO® for boccia players

DM Orthotics is proud to support five British boccia players.

Similar to bowls, boccia is played competitively by athletes with any kind of neurological impairment that impacts their motor function.

David Smith MBE is the most successful British boccia BC1 player of all time and currently world number 1.  He has been using a DMO® Custom Suit to help his performance since 2014. He has Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegia which means his whole body is affected and his muscles are often stiff and tight, reducing his range of movement and making smooth, controlled movements a challenge.  He also has severe Scoliosis, curvature of the spine.

Before coming to DM Orthotics for a clinical assessment, David wore a spinal brace.  He experienced lots of stiffness in his lower back and struggled with poor core control.

After receiving new neuro physio training, David’s physiotherapist suggested a suit as they felt it would increase his sports performance, stability, and stamina, as well as reduce his risk of injury.

The DM Orthotics clinical team helped support his transition from using a brace to a soft fabric orthosis and now he no longer uses a brace using the suit to help him in all areas of his life:

“Within a few months I was stronger, more flexible and more responsive to soft tissue treatment,” he said. “My posture improved, and my power rose rapidly.  I was able to start dominating my sport and updating my throwing technique easily.

“I never use my brace anymore. My pressure sores have disappeared and my body is much more resistant to aches and pains in the back.”

European Silver Medallist in 2019, Claire Taggart started playing boccia six years ago and wears a DMO® Custom Glove and Vest.

 “My condition Dystonia causes painful contractures and the resistance provided within my left forearm glove enables me to grip better and to stabilise myself for my throw,” she said. “Using Dynamic Movement Orthoses® allows me to be active and competitive within my sport – I would not be the boccia athlete I am today without them.”

Evie Edwards won a silver medal in the BC4 pairs at the 2017 European Championships in Portugal.

“My DMO® leggings help with giving me stability to my legs and hips,” she said. “They’ve helped prevent patella dislocations and I’m nearly completely off pain medication because of them.”

Jamie McCowan – who is currently ranked 5th in the world in the BC3 classification – has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and wears a DMO® Vest.

 “The vest provides me with postural support which reduces fatigue and helps me maintain a high level of performance in training and competitions,” he said.

Patrick Wilson – World Silver Medallist in 2014 – has been wearing a custom-made Scoliosis suit for many years.

 “My DMO® Suit gives me stability and the propensity to strengthen my core that otherwise would not have been possible for me,” he said. “It’s allowed me to be more consistent and push the boundaries of what I am able to do. The DMO® suit is one of the most important things I take with me when competing.”

DM Orthotics is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of its patented Dynamic Movement Orthoses® (DMO®).   Since 2005 the company has worked to help adults and children with the single aim of improving function and encouraging independence for the patient.

Patricia McCotter, DM Orthotics’ UK Clinical Manager said:

 “We are delighted to be supporting the Boccia UK Team. It has been a privilege working with the athletes and I am so glad our bespoke orthoses have helped them succeed at the very highest levels.”

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