DMO® Custom Shoulder Stability Orthosis Single

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The DMO® Custom Single Shoulder Stability Orthosis is designed to manage shoulder impairments.
Developed from clinical research its unique design pulls the shoulder back, supporting the affected shoulder blade and stabilising the shoulder joint. This provides greater comfort, improved posture and range of movement, aiding efficient rehabilitation.

Our custom dynamic movement orthoses® are fully made-to-measure and are bespoke to you. It is a patient specific prescription provided by a prescribing clinician. Our DMO® custom orthoses come in a range of colours and with a wide range of reinforcements to help support and control movement, tailored to the individual’s needs. Custom products also let customers have their own openings, zips, toileting etc to make it easier for daily life.

This device has been certified in accordance with OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

  • Shoulder subluxation
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder instability
  • Neurological shoulder pain
  • Brachial Plexus injury (Erbs Palsy)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Ehlers Danlos Syndromes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Spinal Injury
  • & more
  • Shoulder complex realignment
  • Improved distal function
  • Improved range of movement
  • Improved posture
  • Pain relief

– Compression fabric for comfort and movement

– Hook and loop fastening

– Available with long or short arm

– Reinforcement panelling for strength and stability

– Worn under clothing


DMO® Custom Shoulder Stability Orthosis Single can improve the quality of life for a range of conditions